2018 Spring/Summer CallBacks

CALLBACK (GROUP ONE):  Monday, December 18th (7:30 - 9:30pm)

CALLBACK (GROUPS TWO/THREE):  Sunday, January 7th (11-1pm / 2-4pm)

ECT callbacks focus on three sections:



ECT Membership Discussion + Q&A


*After reading through our website, please come prepared to discuss company goals and expectations to set our season up for success!







*prepare TWO of the requested scenes below (1-RICHARD III + 1-ALIK) and be ready to rehearse!



ECT Rehearsal Expectations:


(1) Arrive filled with SPECIFIC, PERSONAL character ingredients


(2) WARM-UP your instrument to be reactive, free and fearless


(3) Risk in the moment by POUNCING ON YOUR INSTINCTS


(4) Remain HUMBLE and HUNGRY as the work is shaped by the director

Richard III Sides:

Richard & Lady Anne
Callback Sides.
Richard - Lady Anne (Sides).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 47.0 KB
Elizabeth, Margaret, Duchess, Richard
Callback Sides.
Queen Elizabeth, Margaret, Duchess, Rich
Adobe Acrobat Document 67.1 KB
Clarence & Murderers
Callback Sides.
Clarence, Murderers (Sides).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 50.8 KB

Alik Sides:

Alik & Marina
Callback Sides
Alik & Marina (Sides).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 36.7 KB
Evelyn & Marguerite
Callback Sides
Evelyn & Marguerite (Sides).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 41.0 KB
Larissa & Pavel & Rimma
Callback Sides.
Larissa & Pavel & Rimma (Sides).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 36.6 KB
Alik & Robert
Callback Sides.
Alik & Robert (Sides).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 32.7 KB


The Etude


*The Etude represents one of ECT's most powerful rehearsal and collaborative tools* 


Using the following 5 ingredients, come prepared to fill our space with your deepest, rawest, poetic truth - all in under 5 minutes:


  1. TEXT from your favorite paragraph of any fairytale
  2. SINGING any part of any song - that you have made your own - from any fairytale
  3. Expression through MUSIC + DANCE/MOVEMENT
  4. ONE OBJECT and only one object should be used throughout
  5. Strong choice of COSTUME PIECE


The key to succeeding in this section is to break free of "the literal' and FEARLESSLY fill the space with your truth. Every person in the room should FEEL you pumping in our veins. Prepare to immerse vs. impress us with the artistic truth you radiate from this creative opportunity. An Etude is an exploration. ECT rehearsal is about preparing as much as possible, and fearlessly surrendering to the moment ... riding the wave of what reveals itself.