Elysium Conservatory Theatre  2018 Spring/Summer Company Auditions

TO FULLY PREPARE: Auditioners are expected to read the entirety of this page.

  • Audition Information
  • 2018 Membership Overview
  • ECT Community + Mainstage Calendars

Audition Information

Audition Dates: February


Thursday, March 8th 



Monday, March 12th 



Wednesday, March 14th 




Group Callback Sessions (two options):


Sunday, March 18th 



Sunday, March 18th 


Audition Preparation (please read carefully):

  • A classical monologue (two minutes total),
  • A contrasting monologue from any writer/style (two minutes total),
  • 16 bars of music sung a-capella and from your soul,
  • An artistic performance piece that fearlessly expresses your artistic spirit.

~ Each actor is afforded a 20 min. timeslot ~

Please make sure to include in your email your 


We will do our best to accommodate your request.

ECT Membership Overview

The Conservatory Theatre Model

ECT adheres to a Conservatory Theatre model - focused on growth, risk and attempt. People are not hired to play roles based on what they have done before, but rather what they can do when dedicating themselves to the Elysium aesthetic, culture and technique. We double-down on an artist's dedication to ECT's craft as a means to grow into their Ideal Artists.


ECT approaches the rehearsal and production process as Explorers and Adventurers – members exhibit a genuine hunger to grow - eager to access the deepest levels of creative fearlessness! We expect a generosity of spirit from our artists filled with humility and a focus on collaboration. The professionals of the mainstage represent the highest standards of collaboration and preparation, utilizing their craft and work ethic to inspire Conservatory students - and each other - to even higher levels of working fearlessly with personal, professional pride.

How Membership Works

Members are responsible for three fundamental area  of growth during their time at ECT: 


Artistic Growth ECT invests in an artist's untapped potential. Members join ECT to grow their fearless artistic expression and are selected based on a readiness to dedicate their time at ECT to growing in our aesthetic and process - applying these practices to mainstage roles and artistic growth outside the rehearsal room. ECT offers monthly, weekend training intensives throughout the season. Members are required to complete all three unique intensives over the Spring/Summer season. ECT classes are always free to membership. 


Communal Growth Members are tasked with expanding and enhancing ECT's impact on the San Pedro community and strengthening our artistic ensemble by participating in two mandatory monthly events. The First Thursday of each month offers a Downtown San Pedro Arts Walk, where ECT members (from 7-8:00pm) mingle and meet our neighbors while experiencing the bustling creative energy of the many musicians, galleries and eclectic artistry on display. The latter half of the evening celebrates the fearless, artistic unknown during our First Thursday Cabaret Night (from 8:00-10pm), where ECT members, students, alumni and our surrounding community share poetry, songs, magic tricks ... and so much more!


Audience Growth Company Members are tasked with inspiring audience for all mainstage productions. From unique character-based videos/pictures to creative marketing campaigns, ECT utilizes the talents, passions and company collaboration to increase our exposure to ensure that each performance is seen by the widest possible audience. These mainstage marketing campaigns deepen community, broaden our potential, and leave all members with an inspired sense of ownership in our season's success - all while building abilities that help the modern artist promote their work.

2018 ECT Community Calendar

First Thursdays Arts Walk + Cabaret




March 1st

April 5th

May 3rd

June 7th

July 5th

August 2nd

Receptions + 


March 18th: ALIK u.s. Run


March 23rd: Alik Opening Reception @ Wende



March 31st: Annual Elysium Seder


April 7th: Richard III Opening Reception


April 14th: Richard III u.s. Run


June TBD: ECT @ Hollywood Fringe Opening Reception

July 28th: OZ Opening Reception


August 4th: OZ u.s. Run


August 26th: Company Season Strike


2018 Spring/Summer Mainstage

An ECT World Premiere Production

in cooperation with / premiering at

The Wende Museum @ The Culver City Armory



by Julio Vera

Directed by Cassandra Ambe


PWYC Preview (Wende / Culver City): 

March 17th

Performs (Wende / Culver City)

March 23rd–30th

Performs (ECT/ San Pedro)

April 6th–29th


Richard III

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Aaron Ganz




January 15th - March 21st 


March 23rd - 29th

PWYC Previews: 

March 30th (8p) + March 31st (2p)


April 7th–29th





ECT Hollywood Fringe Project

An original production

Created by the ECT Company




April 2nd - May 16th


May 22nd - 26th

PWYC Preview: 


(May 31st - June 5th)



 (June 7th – 24th)





A Modern Fairytale

Conceived and Directed by Aaron Ganz


May 21st - July 18th


July 20th - 25th

PWYC Previews: 

July 26th & 27th


July 28th – August 26th