Cassandra Ambe (Resident Artist)


Cassandra experienced four seasons with Elysium - three as a Resident Artist. After growing up in Las Vegas with her grandparents, Cassandra studied at the University of Nevada where she began pursuing her career as an actor by studying a wide range of styles from Classical to new works. In the coming years she hopes to create her own productions, explore her potential as a dancer and choreographer and fully steep herself in as many forms of art as possible! When Cassandra has free time she enjoys up-cycling furniture, reading about the universe/ outer space, scrapbooking and trying new DIY projects. 

Getting To Know... Cassandra

Tell us about a transformative educational experience...


While at UNR, I had the great pleasure of working with a guest artist, Ben Crystal, in a Passion in Practice intensive that prepped actors for an honest, strengthening and unforgettable journey through Hamlet in the Original Pronunciation dialect (how it would have sounded in Shakespeare's day). Ultimately, this created an artistic hunger in me that yearned for truthful and deeply passionate work. 



What about transformative professional experience...


Co-producing and co-creating my own show has proven to be an invaluable and reformative experience. The organizational work ethic and flexibility have definitely been the most palpable strengths I've gained. I'm excited to keep gaining knowledge and experience in these areas. 



Why I do what I do…


I believe Art is the most potent tool we have access to collectively. It's functions are expansive and provide meaningful frameworks and contexts, narratives, forms of expression--all while remaining fluid and evolving. It can be subtle or take stand. It mimics growth. It reminds. It catapults us in to the imaginary, the unknown or holds a mirror up to nature. The multifaceted, multilayered, encompassing composition of Art is the only thing I've discovered that is abundant, affecting and simultaneously gentle enough to let us understand the past, hope and plan for the future and also richly experience the present. It's magic never ceases to bewitch me. 



What about ECT inspires you...


The unfiltered passion for truthful expression and the accepting community that wishes to continue learning and growing as artists along side each other.



My favorite "day off" event would be…


My ideal day off would be: reading a good book over coffee in the morning after a good run. Then, in the afternoon getting lost in a large antiques shop with my grandma and aunt, Dinner with my family and my sweetheart. Then, dancing out on the town or a good Dungeons and Dragons session with my friends.



If I had one million dollars I would...


Create a small museum out of my grandmothers collections of dolls and her antiques and furniture.I'd donate to an animal rescue organization. I'd travel the world for a year and invest so that I could keep creating artwork on my own terms.


Did you know...


I love going to the dentist.

When I was a child I was allergic to water (I'm dead serious).

I am a philosophy junkie and will always be in the mood to talk about deep and dense material.

Cassandra's Favorites


  1. Avocados
  2. Macarons
  3. Sushi


  1. Dance
  2. Gymnastics
  3. Running


  1. Harry Potter series
  2. Outliers
  3. Essays in Love


  1. Scattergories
  2. Cards Against Humanity
  3. Craps

TV Series

  1. Mr. Robot
  2. 30 Rock
  3. Shameless
  4. IT Crowd


  1. Intuition
  2. Empathy
  3. Divergent Thinking
  4. Passion 

Mentors/Role Models

  1. Alain de Botton/ School of Life
  2. My grandparents 


  1. Scrapbooking
  2. Writing
  3. Reading about philosophy/ psychology/ outerspace/ sociology;
  4. Creating fledgling projects to grow