Chris Lang (Resident Artist)

Mr. Lang holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Wyoming and an MFA from the American Repertory Theatre (A.R.T.)/Moscow Art Theatre School (MXAT) Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University. While at Harvard, Mr. Lang was afforded the honor of being accepted to the program in teacher training under Fitzmaurice Master Teacher Nancy Houfek. Mr. Lang spent the several years training as a voice, speech, dialect, and text coach for both actors and non-actors.


Mr. Lang’s love of voice stems from the discovery that it was his road into his work as an actor. As an actor, he has appeared on stages across America, and Europe enjoying such roles as George in All My Sons; Iachimo in Cymbeline; Henry Higgins in Wouldn’t it Be Lovely; Mordred in The Lady of Shalott; Armado in Love’s Labours Lost; Dying Man in Wings of Desire (American Repertory Theatre), Jimmy in Almost Maine and others.


As a voice coach, Mr. Lang has coached productions in regional theatres around America and also internationally. He has coached productions with some of the industry’s foremost directors including Robert Woodruff, Ola Mafaalani, Jeri Mouwad, Rinde Eckert, Gadi Roll, Marcus Stern, Martin Jago, KJ Sanchez, Scott Zigler, Sam Wiseman, Roman Kozak, and Karin Coonrod. He has also coached privately for film and television actors: Bernie White (24 and The West Wing), Mam Smith (HBO’s Angels in America), Diana Schneider (The Good Shepherd).


Mr. Lang currently serves as the head of Voice and Speech at ECT and has taught at Harvard University, Harvard Summer and Extensions Schools, the University of Wyoming, the ART Institute, The Moscow Art Theatre School, AMDA, The Acting Matrix Conservatory, and The Mother of Invention Acting Studio. Chris is a teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework, and plans to attend the program in Fitzmaurice teacher certification in the near future. 

Getting To Know... Chris

Tell us about a transformative educational experience.


I can remember the first voice class where I discovered that Voicework was my road in as an actor. I can also remember teaching my first voice class. I was terrified, and exhilarated, and afterwards I KNEW that I absolutely loved teaching! 



What about transformative professional experiences?


Coaching for the production Wings of Desire at The American Repertory Theatre. I had an amazing opportunity to work with The Toneelgroup Amsterdam, and some very fine actors. I got to learn Flemmish, and teach Dutch actors how to speak English. It is a show that I will never forget, and one that has shaped my aesthetic to this day! 



Why I do what I do...


I am an artist. I have done other things, but the truth is that my spirit is never truly fulfilled when I am doing other things. I have a need to share, and need to express, and a need to communicate. These needs are satisfied every day when I come to work at ECT. 



What about ECT inspires you?


Collaboration. Unfettered, unabashed, unrestrained collaboration!



My favorite "day-off" event would be...


... backpacking and Mountain Climbing in Colorado, or if it’s in the winter, skiing in Colorado. Oh yea, and also watching the Denver Broncos play football, or the Colorado Rockies play baseball. I’m from Colorado.



If I had one million dollars I would...


... be rich.



Did you know...



... Chris is a twin. His twin brother is an IT consultant for a firm in Downtown Denver. He is not an actor. This is a cruel joke played by the universe to make Chris wish he liked computers more. He doesn’t. In fact he only tolerates them because he needs to. He would like to bring back the age of the fountain pen. Chris’ twin brother is funnier than him. This is also a cruel joke… They would make a great writing team, but one of them has a mortgage and a family and won’t quit his job working with computers to follow his brother’s dream!! This is yet another cruel joke. Ennui. Chris also has an older brother who sometimes grows a beard and looks like Jesus (maybe not intentionally – well he grows the beard intentionally, but the look is unintentional, and anyway he looks like Jesus when he grows it), and who also lives with Chris’ dog… Or rather, he takes care of Chris’ dog when Chris lived in an apartment with a roommate who said she was Allergic, but then why couldn’t she just get shots so she wouldn’t be allergic and then they would have had an awesome dog named Rusty?!?