Fabian Cook Jr. (Company Member)

Fabian Cook Jr. is from Hinesville, GA.   He began acting at age 8, stopped at 12, and started again at 27. The former Morgan Stanley broker transitioned from investing to acting full time in 2013. He was a member of the Professional Actors Studio in Atlanta, GA.  He moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and has begun training at the Venora Institute.  He has acted on various stages in L.A. including the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles and the Berubian Theater.  He holds a degree in Economics from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. 

Getting To Know... Fabian

Tell us about a transformative educational experience. 


My professor at Morehouse, Dr. Roger Williams, spoke to me about how mt need to deal with immediate lack in my personal life prevented me from doing the proper long term work to achieve greatness. He told me if I kept focusing on the short term lack of resources I would cripple my growth over the long term. Greatest lesson I've ever learned about sacrifice. 



What about transformative professional experiences? 


I booked my first role in a Shakespearean play in Macbeth.  Playing the role of MacDuff, the righteous avenging hero, was a challenge emotionally. I had no clue how to play a man who lost his family, while trying to do the right thing. I read about unconditional love in my Bible and how loving without expectation of gain in return was the purest love of all.  I began to do things for people: kind acts without expectation. Every day sometimes. The sheer weight of those things took over my heart and most importantly my soul. It changed my performance and my life.



Why I do what I do... 


My best friend died of cancer the day after Christmas, I then lost my Uncle after three episodes of cardiac arrest 5 weeks after. These events have broken me beyond belief, but what I do remember is my friends fiancee telling me how much he admired me for my boldness spiritually and in artistry.  I also remember my Uncle telling me how I was the brightest kid he ever met and that he loved me more than anything.  He hoped our relationship would last forever.  Neither of them were able to see me fully develop into an artist.  I owe it to God and to their honor to be the best I can be every day.  Their deaths took away my fear to speak truly and freely with an unbridled tongue and an open soul.



What about ECT inspires you? 


I'm forced to be questioned and answer things about myself that I don't want to face. It makes me frustrated and angry.  It is also the one thing I need the most going forward.  It has become the medicine I need to heal myself.



Where have you traveled? Where would you like to visit? 


I've traveled all over the states.  I would like to visit every corner of this Earth that would welcome me with open arms.



My favorite "day-off" event would be... 


Sitting on a high hill top over the ocean and writing in my journal.  Then making minced meat of my opponents at the archery range.


If I had one million dollars I would... 


Build equity for myself through the capital markets.  When I successfully beat the S&P 500 in returns over a 20 year period, I would begin to re-invest in my community. I would also take a trip to the U.K., Australia, Switzerland, Ethiopia, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa.



Did you know... 


I started doing Shakespeare 6 months ago.  Its been a wild 6 months.

Fabian's Favorites


  1. Mangos
  2. Watermelon
  3. Wingstop (10 piece Lemon Pepper)


  1. Football
  2. Boxing
  3. NBA


  1. Bible
  2. Danny Champion of the World
  3. Harry Potter


  1. Uncharted
  2. Call of Duty

TV Series

  1. Family Matters
  2. Fresh Prince
  3. The Knick


  1. Acting
  2. Patience
  3. Impressions
  4. Heart Whisperer

Mentors/Role Models

  1. My Dad
  2. Diane Venora


  1. Archery
  2. Reading
  3. Investing
  4. Boxing

Fabian's 50 Year Time-Capsule

  • Keys to my 1st Prius
  • Psalms 23 and Joshua 1 ripped out of my Bible
  • A poem by Salma El Wardany
  • Book of Eli DVD
  • A letter to myself as a child, teenager, and an adult