Training @ ECT

Elysium Conservatory Theatre offers a unique alternative to the typical L.A. actor training experience. A wholehearted celebration of fearless artistic expression, ECT provides emerging artists with clarity of craft, professional empowerment and a lifelong, artistic home and community.

A Conservatory Theater at its core, ECT looks to break down the barriers that have slowly created a gulf between the evolution of the professional artist and the training of students in the performing arts. The Six Month Conservatory—Elysium’s premier training program—envelops the actor with a myriad of the world’s finest performing disciplines—unified through the prism of its core technique, The Acting Matrix.


Taught in a committed and nurturing environment, we look to offer what no other acting school in the country has—a dynamic cycle of growth and mentorship that lays the foundation for fearless creativity throughout a student's career. By learning from ECT Resident Artists who fearlessly challenge their own artistic boundaries, students are taught and mentored to walk into the world as creative leaders - armed with knowledge of every aspect of their performance process - producing graduates of the utmost talent, work ethic and collaboration.

Formed by professionals of multiple performing disciplines scratching and clawing to grow new levels of fearless expression, Elysium Conservatory Theatre offers developing performing artists a creative Eden committed to fueling the next generation of American art, creating fearless, visionary work that rattles the foundations of modern performance.

Actor Training. Re-imagined.