Acting Matrix Intensives

Saturday (7pm -9:30pm) + Sunday (10am - 5pm)

ECT's Acting Matrix Intensives leave actors of all levels with the most dynamic acting technique and extensive training of their artistic instrument they've ever encountered. Classes are taught in a committed, nurturing and intensive environment by ECT Artistic Director, Aaron Ganz over a 24-hr weekend training "retreat."  Each Acting Matrix Intensive focuses on the three pillars of the actor's growth: awakening the Fearless, artistic spirit inside each actor + instilling lifelong ownership of personal technique + inspiring the highest levels of professionalism in rehearsal, performance, and life.  ECT-trained artists walk into our company and world as creative leaders, working fearlessly from their raw, healthy, artistic instinct and empowered for all professional possibilities, creating dynamic, textured and truly visceral characters.

Grow Artistry.

Growing Your IDEAL ARTIST: May 5 - 6 (Spring Intensive)


Discover Your Artistic Path. Purpose. Potential.


INSPIRE & EMPOWER your ability to:


  • Grow Your Talent
  • Ignite Inspiration
  • Maximize Your Use Of Time
  • Motivate Yourself In Any Situation
  • Use Every Aspect of Life To Grow Your Artistry
  • Master The Muscle-Builders, Perspectives & Daily Practices That Empower Your Journey Towards Your Ideal Artist


Grow Transformation.

Growing Your TRANSFORMATION TOOLBOX: May 19 - 20 (Spring Intensive)


Discover Your Ability To Make. Believe.




  • Learn Lines - On Time. Exactly. And Freed From Your Intellect.
  • Learn How To Use Rehearsal To Always Move Forward
  • Transform Your Atmosphere To See, Hear, and Smell Through The Pores Of The Character 
  • Transform Your Body, Mind and Voice
  • A TOOL and PRODUCTIVE PERSPECTIVE for EVERY professional situation


Grow Fearless.

Growing Your PERSONAL WARM-UP: March 10 - 11 (Winter Intensive)

Growing Your PERSONAL WARM-UP: June 2 - 3 (Spring Intensive)


Like Flicking A Switch. From Daily Body. To Acting Instrument.


FREE yourself from the filters of daily life.

EMPOWER your instrument's to your highest levels of being:






  • Voice: UNLOCK the myriad of colors of vocal expression and MAXIMIZE your instrument's highest levels of PRODUCTION, ARTICULATION and -  CHARACTER TRANSFORMATION!
  • Body: EXPERIENCING the moment without filter, which IGNITES BEHAVIOR without apology.
  • Heart: UNBIND the crusts and weights of the Daily Body's emotional permission, FREEING THE CHARACTER's HEART to the vulnerability of the moment.
  • Mind: Tasting through the SENSES, RELATIONSHIPS and INSTINCTS of the character and world.
  • Imagination: Ignite the deepest levels of PERMISSION,  PLAY, and  POSSIBILITY.